East of Luton 4 Update

Local Plan Update No 4

Our MP Bim Afolami has received the following guidance:

“The Government is currently consulting on changes to the National Policy Planning Framework in relation to the Duty to Co-operate” (1950 houses for Luton residents).

“That consultation is not yet complete, and I have just been told that it may not be for a few months”

“NHDC has the power to delay the implementation of any problematic aspect of that Local Plan, in order to await changes outlined by the Government”.

“Once the changes are made NHDC can then decide how to proceed – it is in their power to make changes to the Local Plan, and this is often done by Local Authorities”.

“I believe that we should be asking NHDC to delay the implementation of this aspect of the Local Plan on this basis.”

The Offley Parish Council is working through a number of routes to have the East of Luton put on hold until this new legislation is in place.

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