East of Luton Development Update – Cockernhoe, Mangrove and Tea Green

East of Luton Development Update – Cockernhoe, Mangrove and Tea Green

East of Luton Development Update – Cockernhoe, Mangrove and Tea Green

 This month’s update on the proposed East of Luton development falls into 2 distinctly separate areas.   The first update concerns the review by NHC of the Local Plan.   The second update relates to the creation of the Masterplan by the Developers which is ongoing.

Local Plan Review

As part of NHC’s adoption of the Local Plan in November 2022, NHC committed to review the Local Plan before the end of 2023 to ensure compliance with current planning legislation.   We understand an initial review was completed and will be considered by the NHC Cabinet at their next meeting in January.    We also understand that SP19 (East of Luton development) has been flagged for a more detailed review.   As a community, we continue to provide input to NHC evidencing that Luton does not have an Unmet Housing Need, and as a result this development is not needed.  In the event SP19 is removed from the Local Plan, we will need your support to argue that the Green Belt status between Cockernhoe and Wigmore should be reinstated.

NHC Masterplan Process for EOL Development

Back in October your Parish Councilors were invited to a meeting with Hannah Patrick, Crown Estates Community Partnerships Manager.  This unexpectedly morphed into a meeting with representatives of Bloor Homes, Crown Estates and Saville’s.  The Parish Council declined this meeting as we thought it premature to be meeting with the proposed developers prior to the Local Plan review.

The Parish Council were then invited to a meeting at the NHC Council Offices with Nigel Smith, Strategic Planning Manager and Julian Pye of HYAS Associates who are advising the Council on large developments. At that meeting NHC advised that although we had stated that we oppose the development in its entirety, as a stakeholder, the Parish Council should meet the developers in parallel to be able to understand the Masterplan and therefore be able to represent the views of the Parishioners. This initial meeting was held with the developers on 15th December.

The Parish Council is a stakeholder in this project and the developers must liaise with stakeholders and community groups as part of the Masterplan process.  We are aware from previous community feedback that this community is opposed to the proposed 2100 houses planned for this area, and we continue to voice our opposition.   However, there has been no community input on the Masterplan requirements.

Therefore, as part of the Masterplan process, the Parish Council would like to represent your views.   We would appreciate if you could feedback to your local Councilor the type of facilities and environment you would like to see within the Masterplan.

Considerations you may like to think about:

  • Facilities – Doctors Surgery, Shops, Community Centre, Schools, Recreation etc.
  • Sustainable transport links, paths, cycle ways.
  • Should the three Hamlets be integrated into the new development or retain their identities?


 Please Contact either: –

Your Cockernhoe Councilors – Jennifer Willis, Caroline Gallagher, Steve Patmore, Neil Jay.

OR  through The Parish Clerk – David Sample  clerk@offleypc.org.uk

The Masterplan showing the proposed site, housing and facilities will be viewable at a public meeting in the Village Hall in the very near future.  There will also be a consultation period for you to make comment.