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Water resources update

14 February 2018

Dear Councillor

Risk of water restrictions remain in  Affinity Water’s supply area

We have had exceptionally low effective rainfall over the past two winters. January may

have felt very wet but rainfall was below average for this time of year.


This means we are actively planning for usage restrictions this spring and summer if

conditions fail to recover sufficiently.          


If we get above long-term average rainfall in the next three months we hope that we will not need to introduce them this summer. However, that does not remove the possibility that

usage restrictions will have to be introduced in 2019. This will be dependent on rainfall next winter being sufficient to refill groundwater stores.


While we continue to undertake significant investment in infrastructure and drive down

leakage in our network, we also need our customers to change how they view, and use

water to help manage the situation, and as a key stakeholder you also have an important

role to play. Demand in our supply area is above the national average and way above the average in other countries like Germany and the Netherlands.


We need a public debate about how we all use water. As a key stakeholder we would like to invite you to meet with us at your convenience to discuss how we can plan for the future, to take the next step on this journey together. Please contact jake.rigg@affinitywater.co.uk for more information or to arrange a meeting.


We need your support to help make the longer term changes that will have a big impact

for the future of water supplies.


There are simple steps that every one of us can take – whether a householder, business, community or a council.


We need YOUR help to spread the word and ensure everyone in your community knows

what they need to do so we can reduce the likelihood of water restrictions this year.

  • Help spread the message to the communities you serve: Every little step we can all make will collectively have a big impact on water usage.
  • Turning off the tap off while we brush our teeth can save 6,500 litres of water a year.
  • Avoid baths - take a short shower instead to save on average around 50 litres each time.

For more tips and to order free water saving devices, visit: www.affinitywater.co.uk/savewater

To keep up to date with our latest water resource position, please visit www.affinitywater.co.uk/resources