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Keep Offley Rural – STOP Gladman
As anticipated Gladman Developments have launched
an appeal against the Planning
Application Refusal 17/01781/1
for outline planning permission Land North of Luton Road,
Offley.      Appeal reference: APP/X1925/W/17/3187286
There are no new facts that we can put forward.
All of the original documents submitted have been
sent to the Inspector. There would be no benefit in
sending more letters of objection unless there is
new evidence.
The appeal method is a by way of a public inquiry
andNHDC Planning has employed an experienced
planning consultant and QC to represent the
Council at this appeal.
Gladman have requested a six-day hearing and
have a reputation for aggressive tactics in
hearings hence professionals have been appointed
to take any flak from the Gladman Legal Associates.
The Keep Offley Rural Action Group are
preparing a statement of points outlining the
main reasons why we believe the inspector
should not allow the appeal that can be read out
at the hearing subject to approval from the
Keep Offley Rural are arranging to place banners
at the entrance and exits to the village to further
the cause.
A Public Meeting which is open to all comers
has been arranged at Offley Village Hall for
Wednesday, 11th April, start time of 7pm.
Follow Keep Offley Rural on Facebook at
Great Offley News and www.offleypc.org.uk