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Objections to the Gladman Outline Proposal Planning Application reference 17/01781/1The application is outside of the Village BoundaryThe application is within the green belt.The application is not mentioned within the local plan and was not highlighted in the 2011 – 2031 local plan papers. I wonder why not?This speculative application has gone in without any local consultation which is contrary to the Gladman web site.There has been no consultation or public meeting with the local population other than a leaflet drop to local homes.The mention of a shop or village facility just shows what knowledge the developers have of the local area.Offley has a thriving Shop and Post Office and any new venture would just spread the load and eventually both services would disappear.The developers are offering a NEW LEAP or as we all know it a children’s play area.Offley already has two such play areas in Gosling Avenue and Offley Recreation Centre (ORC) Kings Walden Road. Both are very well used by the local children and their parents. During 2016 we increased the facilities for the residents at the ORC.The new proposed development and children’s play area is on the wrong side of the busy Luton Road for other villagers to have any benefit from it.The area is prone to flooding as found by the current allotment holders.Do new residents really want an open water space (SUDS) within sight of their new homes? What safety features have been built in?The local Junior Mixed Primary School is already oversubscribed.The development is not needed in Offley. The more suitable site has already been developed by the same landowner within the last three years.There are very few employment opportunities in Offley as there are a limited number of businesses trading within the village.Who will own the local facilities such as the open spaces and play areas?Nothing is mentioned in the planning application.NHDC have already identified where they can place more houses as described in the Local Plan.For Gladman to say that they have not done so just shows that this application is purely speculative for a PROFIT with little or no thought about housing needs other than making profit with the Local Landowner.There is no mention in the 2011 2031 Local Plan Housing Options Growth papers that show any interest from the landowner and or the developer.This application should be refused on the grounds that it is not in the Local Plan and should be refused on these grounds alone.Please pick from the list of objections above. Each letter of Objection needs to be different otherwise the Planning Officer will count the letters as one and not from individuals.